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I have spent the past two hours trying, and i mean trying, to get my head around how power (electricity) will be flowing through the Unimog. I know i need to “own” this subject but oh my goodness is this outside my comfort zone!

And family member will be able to confirm that i do not know my earth from my ground from my live. Additionally they will be able to confirm that i hold the record for the consecutive number of getting it wrong resulting a “shock” to me or those around me…

Right! After 2 hours i finally figured out i am , or should be, or should have been, focussing on a battery to battery system. An educational journey but frustrating none the less.

One conclusion has also been that we need an estimated 400+Ah. Which helps with the physical design as it could be 4*110 or 3*160 depending on price, size or snobbery.

So onward i go!