Building the Living space – Our Current Designs

Having limited space makes for heavy choices.

Having limited space makes for heavy choices.

A couple of principles:

  • Never loose the rear departure angle
  • Stay below 3,5 m
  • Put the wheels on the roof not hanging off the rear
  • Fuel is for driving and as little as possible else. – In Africa fuel is scarce so we only have exception (it is used in the boiler because it is such a great solution)
  • Gas is for cooking 0n – inside and out.
  • Batteries is for food storage.
I am sure everybody has different views and it will depend what you want to do that will drive you in different directions.

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    • Gerard Bredenoord

      Well….ask me again in a month 🙂 Mid April we are going over to Ormocar. Ormocar seem to specialise in building great boxes and have the facilities to do it at a “reasonable” price.
      If we like them and their price they will be the box. We will find somebody local for the inside.

  1. Gerard Bredenoord

    No – Do you have their contact details? I have been talking to John James allot and he used them – We were at AV together – He shipped his box over to the US. But spoke highly of them.

  2. Rob Konschel

    Hi Gerard, my wife and I live in Mozambique, our U1300l Mog also serviced by AV docks at the port of Beira where we live, we have a new, uncompleted fibreglass, made in South Africa that we are kitting out. Be great to keep in touch. Cheers, Rob

    • Gerard Bredenoord

      Hi Rob

      I think I was at AV when your truck was still there! – You were doing some detailed work if I recall. Respray etc.

      Would be great to see your design. Who created your Fiberglass?

      Kind regards


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