Gas Architecture for the Camper

Cooking – We have designed the unit to have multiple fuels sources and so finally we have all the pieces to link up the gas which will be used for the stove (Dometic CC09 – 2-burner ceramic cooktop in Black ) and oven (Dometic SMEV F0311GT 30L Stainless Steel Oven & Grill – Bottom Hinged).

Firstly I have found it amazing how insular the camping world is. Everybody only follows the rules of the country and has no clue or support for products outside their own country. It seems that everybody who goes abroad just needs to figure it out for themselves. Products are badly designed and money is waisted.

The Yachting industry has been my saviour from this insular insanity!

Will Hayward from has be a life saviour in products and in engineering advice – Great products and Great service.

The design starts with two Aluminium 11kg cylinders bought in Germany ( They are contained in a box outside the living space between the wheels – drivers side. The 11kg is just the right size and the two weigh about 15kg less than the steel cylinders.

We expect the 22kg capacity to be ample for our needs.

Within the box which houses the cylinders there will be teh following architecture:

The cylinders are connected with a manual switch-over value via two 4417 High Pressure Stainless Steel Hoses. At the cylinder end we are using 4012 Left-hand Female Nut Cylinder Adaptor as default as they are the most widely used (UK, France, Holland, Belguim, Germany, Coatia and the Far East.)

However the adapters are designed to be easily removed and we carry a small set as back-up (e.g. 4011 Male POL (BSP) Cylinder Adaptor – commonly used in the UK) to allow for emergency switch-over to other country fittings.

From the manual switch-over we inserted a pressure gauge just to be able to help with fault identification.

The manual switch-over links into a universal regular (GasBOAT 4008 30mbar dual fuel regulator) ensuring we can deal with butane and propane if required and we ensured that the regulator fully conforms to EN 12864 annexM standard.

The universal regulator has a high pressure value which has a 4049 1/2″ brass hex nipple connected to a 4052 1/2″ brass T-joint which then allows for two 4053 1/2″ Test point with shut-off valves.

The one value has a permanent connection to an 2m 6015 BS3112 orange gas hose (8 mm internal bore) which will be used to connected to a 2 plate gas stove when we want to cook outside and one value will lead into the cab for internal cooking.



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