February 2014 – Part 2 Completed

This second run up to AV was to complete the bottom part of the build. To be honest we had not saved enough money to build the living space (cell) so we decided to complete everything else.

In saying “everything” I know in my hart there will never be an “everything” point but we believe (excluding the batteries that we would like to fit between the chassis bars and possible the spare alternator for charging the batteries, we would have covered all the points needed. We will only decide about power adjustments (e.g. injectors) once we have the cell added. The overdrive is still way to costly for the value it will bring.

The list was made up from things we needed to fix from the previous visit – You learn as you go… and build items we needed to complete.

Repairs & Fixes

  • Replace Battery Isolator Switch
  • Repair fuel gauges which were not working
  • Repair small rust spots on the top of the bonnet and drive side rear door
  • Check the radiator( Bolts on the grille are rubbing on the intercooler)
  • Cab tilting bracket needs adjusting
  • Fan belt tensioner rubbing on intake pipe
  • Full Oil & Oil filter service
  • Reverse light not working
  • Light dimmer switch
  • Check water pump (It was on the caution list)


  • Indicator protection
  • Side repeater protection
  • Bull bar
  • Superwinch TALON 18.OSR
  • AV Protection winch plate (Blue on Pics)
  • Front bumper section replace
  • Two HD recovery Shackle Brackets
  • Cab Protection bars / Brush bars
  • Roofrack & pulley system to store 2x spare tyres
  • Side market lights x2
  • Replace exhaust with perpendicular stainless steel exhaust
  • Add steel mesh over exhaust exit
  • Check exhaust connection rubbing against body
  • Extend the Chassis  / Bumper to full length
  • Add Trailer coupling (38mm Rockfinger) – For the trailer we will one day own…
  • Create rear recovery points for 12t shackles
  • Water tank for 150L fresh water
  • Rear power points extended and trailer breaking
  • Rims 2x to fit tyres provided
  • Build new smaller checker plate battery box to house batteries and move them to behind exhaust on passenger side
  • Add box in open space on driver side to house 2x 11kg propane gas canasters, with universal regulator and manula switchover.
  • Standard canvas frame & Canvas
  • Fuel tanks: Make the Cross over taps with removable leavers
  • Fit 3x door cup holders
  • Extend seat belt
  • Replace rear windows with sliding windows
  • Replace rear seating with “normal” back seating area (current back could double as full bed but was not a nice seating area and limited the rear window use)

And many many smaller items….ImageImage

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